When we think of fall we likely are not thinking of allergies. However, fall allergies are still a challenge for about 75% of people that are allergic to spring plants. Ragweed is the most common but both mold and dust mites can be the culprit of runny noses, wheezing and sneezing. RAGWEED Ragweed, the most common trigger usually starts up Read More

After-Hours Pediatric Urgent Care Open In Orlando Excited to branch into the Orlando market, Your Kid’s Urgent Care opened their 5th location on E. Michigan Street to serve children ranging from newborn to 21 years old in the Conway Community and surrounding areas. Orlando, FL – October 2, 2018 – Your Kid’s Urgent Care, based in St. Petersburg, FL announced Read More

Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID) make not ring a bell but simply put, it’s a medical diagnosis arising out of selective eating. Many kids go through a picky eating phase at a young age but some never outgrow it, which is when this disorder can become a more of a reality. ARFID risk factors also interact differently from person Read More

Often times, illnesses and injuries appear without warning. Where do you go when faced with uncertainty about care? According to a study conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics, 48% of people who visit the emergency room are there simply because their primary care doctor was not open. In fact, most patients who seek treatment from the emergency room Read More

Loneliness, stress, isolation and agitation can all result from too much screen time. Say what? Yes, some of the behaviors and actions or lack there of exhibited by your child, that you are unsure about the cause of, can come about because your child is watching too much tv, on the computer, glued to the phone for too long or Read More

Kids have headed back to school, and we’ve heard a pesky stomach bug is going around. Let’s make sure you know how to manage the symptoms, should you or your child contract this nasty virus! This virus is highly contagious, so if you hear of cases at your child’s school or in your area, it’s time to be vigilant. Make Read More

What’s lurking in your child’s lunchbox? Time and temperature can create a breeding ground for harmful bacteria in your child’s lunchbox or help keep their goodies fresh and ready to eat. Last week we talked about fighting back against germs inhabiting some of the most popular places in school, like the water fountain, but is their lunch box safe? Just Read More

The top ranked germiest place in schools? The water fountain. On average 2.7 MILLION aerobic bacteria are waiting for your child to take a cool sip of water. In this two part series, we plan to give you the run down on germs and ways to bolster up in protection and against spreading them further. Returning to school is exciting Read More

Have you or your child ever woken up with red, bloodshot, itchy and watery eyes? You may have been experiencing Conjunctivitis, better known as Pink Eye. With the school year quickly approaching, we wanted to put together some of the risk factors and treatments to help you avoid Pink Eye.  Pink eye is most common in preschool and school age Read More

Your child experiencing fever, feelings of being ill, blisters or sore throat? These otherwise common symptoms are all also attributed to Hand, Foot and Mouth disease which creates a characteristic rash on the hands and feet. HFMD is a common viral infection often caught by children 5 years of age or younger, more specifically pre-schoolers. However, it can be incurred Read More